Improve Customer Success Hiring With This Advice [eBook]

BY Danielle Kucera ON February 26, 2015

Download our hiring guide here: Customer Success Hiring Guide

Hiring the right people is hard. Over the past few years, Google — a company with an entire team devoted to the science of hiring the right people — switched gears after conceding its famous brainteasers were terrible at predicting a candidate’s success. It also began giving less weight to SAT scores and GPAs. Meanwhile, other companies depend upon all of those metrics, and self-assuredly so. 

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How Customer Success Can Own Customer Engagement Marketing [eBook]

BY John Rode ON February 12, 2015

Customer Success is in a unique position. It is responsible for driving renewals, yet it doesn't firmly control many of the levers that cause customer churn.

Sales is fairly autonomous from Customer Success and may close deals that are a bad fit. These customer may churn before they even complete onboarding. It's possible the Product team builds features that are difficult to use (or find). This may undermine adoption and stickiness. But Customer Engagement Marketing is a different story. It clearly resides in the Marketing world, but Customer Success should take the lead and own the strategy for how customers are marketed to, even if they don't own the actual execution of the campaigns.

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These Metrics For Customer Success Comp Beat Churn, Upsells

BY Danielle Kucera ON February 12, 2015

If you’re not sure whether you should pay your customer success team based on customer satisfaction, churn, upsells, or renewals, you’re not alone.

Customer success compensation typically depends on one or more of the above metrics, but there’s an obvious issue with the whole group: they’re all affected, at least in part, by aspects of the business that customer success managers can’t control.  

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Melt Customer Frustration With Preact's Zendesk Integration

BY John Rode ON February 11, 2015

Preact's integration with Zendesk enables the free flow of customer health and application usage information into Zendesk, and important customer service information back into Preact.

Customer service agents now have the insight they need to solve customer challenges more quickly. With Preact, agents immediately get the big picture of customer health, activity and Net Promoter Score (NPS).

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Present Your Best - A Customer Success Strategy Template

BY John Rode ON January 27, 2015

The key to presenting your customer success strategy is to draw the connection between the bottom line and the levers you can pull to drive results.

Provide too much information and your CEO's eyes will glaze over, but if you're too thin on details your strategy may lack punch. We created this customer success strategy template to help you bridge the gap.

Below, you can view the presentation and download the slides to customize for your own presentation.

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