Average Customer Success Salaries and Other Surprising Facts [Infographic]

BY Danielle Kucera ON April 14, 2015

Like an angsty 13-year-old girl, customer success is still figuring itself out. That means the status quo one day often isn't the same the next.

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What's the Average Salary for Customer Success Managers?

BY Danielle Kucera ON April 08, 2015

We're collecting data about the Customer Success industry so that we can create more interesting content in the future.

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The Magic Ratio: How Many CSMs Per Customer [eBook]

BY Danielle Kucera ON April 01, 2015

A basic standard of any successful business is efficient headcount. If you walk into a burger joint in the middle of the day and see 10 workers and no customers, that business probably isn't making as much money as it could. Likewise, you'd be frustrated if you walked in at 6 p.m. and found one person managing a line of 20.

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The Causes of SaaS Churn and How to Prevent It [infographic]

BY John Rode ON March 23, 2015

The seeds of SaaS churn are planted early and deep. Respondents to our recent poll placed poor on-boarding (23%) and underperforming product (20%) are the leading causes of customer churn for SaaS businesses. But that certainly doesn't mean you can ignore the "long tail" of churn - ineffective relationship building, overselling, poor customer service,  customer org change and weak customer marketing. Check out our causes of churn infographic below for more insight and tips on how to prevent Saas churn!

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How Do You Judge the Success of Customer Success?

BY Danielle Kucera ON March 19, 2015

Good relationships with customers often start with the right incentive structures. Support's conversations with customers sound much different than those of sales, for instance, because sales has pressure to convert -- to make the pitch and get a monetary commitment -- while customer support needs to quickly identify and fix a problem. To facilitate those different relationship dynamics, it follows that sales pay usually depends on revenue brought in, while support comp is tied to efficiency.

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