Customer-Quoting Developers Build Better Products

BY Danielle Kucera ON December 16, 2014

Last week, I went to a conference that lost power because – wait for it -- it rained in San Francisco. Attendees foraged for breakfast yogurt by candlelight and gathered kumbaya-style around the speakers, who were awkwardly shouting wisdom. For about two hours, it became more camping party than tech event. (This was the Lean Startup Conference, by the way.)

But in the vein of writing about the conference portion, I'm going to share what I learned from a great session on how to make sure customer feedback directly affects your products. Greg Nelson, product manager at a company that makes video software for coaches and athletes, has figured out how to solve this problem that even oh-so collaborative startups face. 

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One Surprising Signal That Will Help You Reduce Customer Churn

BY Danielle Kucera ON December 09, 2014

Background noise is something we try to ignore. I used to work for an e-commerce company whose office doubled as a warehouse. The acoustic ambiance was the constant pulling and ripping of packing tape – not an easy thing to tune out when you're trying to pull a quarterly business review together. 

But when it comes to customers, you need to tune in. If you ignore background signals – an indication of customer health that occurs outside of your application – you won’t have a full picture of who your customer is, whether she’s satisfied with your product, or if she’s about to churn.

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How Customer Success Can Secure The Elusive Executive Relationship

BY John Rode ON November 21, 2014

We all know building relationships is essential to preventing churn. With 16% of the votes, our recent poll ranked “Weak Relationship Building” as the third leading cause of customer churn. But the challenge isn’t reaching the buyers and power users – It’s the executives who are so frustratingly difficult to connect with.

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Customer Churn - Top 7 Causes and 27 Remedies

BY John Rode ON November 14, 2014

Customer churn is an insidious creature. It’s often difficult to pin down the exact cause. This makes it excruciatingly difficult to root out. Use the presentation below to help you break down the leading causes of customer churn. Dig deeper into the presentation for tactical advice on how to structure and execute your attack on churn. 

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3 Steps to Measure Your Customer Success Manager on Upsell

BY Mike Saldi ON October 23, 2014

One key to being a successful Customer Success Manager (CSM) is to be seen as a trusted advisor. This doesn’t happen overnight, and CSMs spend a lot of time and effort fostering relationships and building trust. It’s not that sales folks can’t be seen as trusted advisors — and many of them would argue that they are — but there is a different kind of bond you can form with a customer when they know you’re not there to sell them anything. 

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